Clube de Futebol "Os Barulhentos" exists since June 17, 1990.
Founded in the town of Baixa da Banheira, "Os Barulhentos" are a group with autonomous decision-making mechanisms and its own philosophy, promoting the practice of sport among youngster's, working with children and young people whose age coincides with the period of compulsory education.

Its registered in the Instituto do Desporto de Portugal, Registo Nacional de Clubes e Federações Desportivas as a Football Club of Practitioners, that aims to the exclusive promotion and organization of physical and sporting activities with recreational, educational and social purposes.

It’s a popular club, which aims to encourage the practice of sport among the young, promoting correct and healthy ideals - making friends, learning new skills, achive self-discipline habits, persistence and learn to cooperate and compete with loyalty.

The managers also try to create and foster a "style", a model of organization either at the administrative level or at sports, and that promote and value the correct behavior.

The club aims to contribute to the development of young people, using sport practice as an important tool in improving personal and social values, formation of character, citizenship, ethics and sportsmanship, in order to divert our youth of all evils that undermine our society.

Participate with loyalty, honesty is also related to making choices. While interacting with each other in the sport, or as spectators, we must regularly consider and define what we think is right and what is not, moving us in a collective effort to achieve human perfection.

When young people interact and relate with each other, through sport, his ability to make right choices, will develop and becomes more mature, along with the ability to think and learn about what is needed to develop and carry out with a happy life in society.

The choice of football as main sport is due simply to fact that this is a collective sport that only requires a little ground, four stones, a spherical object and a lot ... lot of desire. In there, can everybody can participate.

Sports such as fishing, athletics, table-tennis, shooting, target practice and the participation in cultural activities are also part of the club history.

We try to be different and try to keep our group philosophy, our mystique:

• Good school performance

• Ability to maintain a group, not an individual

• Promote a sports system based on ethical principles of integrity, loyalty and respect.

• Be aware that is every activity we can know a lot, but without others, and that eventually criticize us, we are not nothing. We are only better if we have those who to prove that we really are.

"With effort we will win"